Ecobee3 issue

Hello, I have an Ecobee3, and it was working fine for about a year. However, now, for some reason, when I change modes in ST to Away, the Ecobee will switch to the temp I have set for “Away mode”, and then flip right back to where it was. For example, if the heat is set to 69, if I switch it to Away mode (standing in front of the ecobee so I can see what it’s doing), it will flip to 63 degrees, and then right back to 69 after about a second. It will do this switching to any mode. I’ve completely removed the ecobee from ST, removed the smart app and device type (yracine) and readded it, but it’s still doing it. It’s like the ecobee is overriding what ST is telling it to do. I don’t recall having to do anything special when I first set this up. Any advice?

Do you have the Ecobee setup in any other smartapps that might be sending a conflicting change request (such as using a presence sensor or motion sensor to reset the temp)?

What happens if you just go straight through the Ecobee app and leave out ST? Does it change right back?

I had stripped it all the way down to just two modes, with no other smart apps. The Ecobee app worked fine. I did, however, get it resolved. I removed everything Ecobee related, and used the native Smartthings Ecobee smart app. That resolved this issue. I would prefer the app from yracine, however, I’m not a big fan of messing around with the heating in the house in Minnesota right now :-). I’ll troubleshoot further on a warm day.