ADT Smartthings & Ecobee Issue

So I have had an issue recently with my thermostat not going to the correct temperature. I have Smartthings programmed to set the heat to 70 when I disarm the system, but the Ecobee keeps going to 65. I have gone through and reset the thermostat to factory defaults and checked the automated setup from Smartthings and it shows it’s correct. Anyone else having this issue, or any ideas?

Where is it showing up as 65 and what DTH are you using for your ecobee? Remember there’s a differential between setpoints. Also, are you changing the mode of your ecobee? Do you have any logs? What smartapp are you using to do this? Need a lot more info if anyone is going to help you.

I’m just using ADT Smartthings to move the temperature when I arrive home and leave to a different level. I am not changing the mode per se. I looked at the logs from Smartthings and it says it’s sending the command of 70 degrees when disarming the system, and 68 when leaving, but when Smartthings disarms the temperature on the Ecobee changes to 65.

This was working fine until about a month ago, so I am wondering if there was some sort of update that changed something.

I will see if I can get some logs and upload them to show what’s going on.