About to return the Smartthing hub

I am very new to this … I have an ecobee 3 and it connected pretty easily last night to my new ST hub. I easily setup a test where if one of my senors was too warm during a time period then set a temp a couple degrees lower and it worked. So then I set another rule to where if the senor’s temp was just right then set the thermostat to resume… but that did not work. I know the event fired as I added a notification. Also the the next scheduled event did not resume, nor did forcing a two hour limit on the hold action; it is as if the ST hijacked my thermostat.

So today I signed up here on the community and then i searched and found that this seems to be a known issue since 2016 and when I went to test something else I see that the thermostat is listed as disconnected, but not my 3 remote sensors. What? How? Yet I can change the temp in ST and it shows up quickly on my Ecobee and if I change it on the Ecobee, phone or web, it shows up in ST so how is it disconnected??

I really want this to work (I am a geek), I want to add a ceiling fan switch and maybe a few more items but this simple resume test and the disconnection issue makes me want to box it up and return it. Please, someone tell me what I did wrong and/or how to fix it. I do not think that what I want to do is that hard. I also do not want to add other apps and helper apps to stitch this all together like Frankenstein’s monster.

Thanks in advance for all your wisdom that you can pass my way.

The advantage of SmartThings is that you can find and use add-on SmartApps and custom Device Type Handlers to enhance or overcome limitations you run into in the base product.

That’s mostly what this Community is for.

If you want only to use built-in mechanisms, contact Support@SmartThings.com

If you are willing to use add-ons and head towards the most powerful possible solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

Folks like @yvesracine for example,…


ok… well i got it connected again by removing and reinstalling, but now I do not see the resume option. Anyone know what I did different on this install?

… and Ok on the matter of add-ons, what one would be the most effective, complete and easiest to setup? I am really interested in SmartThings but i have a bad habit of getting into too many add-ons to over complicate life.

The “effective” add-ons are entirely dependant on your individual needs and characteristics of your household.

https://ActionTiles.com is popular as a web-based dashboard Panel creator, and can securely share limited control with other family members or guest. PIN based Tile security, etc… (I’m co-founder).

http://smartthings.rboyapps.com/ provides a bunch of enhanced device type handlers, including lock code management, and so on.

https://community.webcore.co/ is the free “ultimate” automation engine; a whole language and debugging dashboard instead of programming your own SmartApps.

and various (dozens upon dozens) of others specialized SmartApps and utilities discussed throughout this Community and http://thingsthataresmart.wiki

There was also some intermittent outages last night. Make sure you signup at https://status.smartthings.com for alerts.

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