Ecobee: Turn off AC fan for X number of minutes

Sometimes I would like to turn off the AC fan during dinner (so it doesn’t blow our food with cold air) and I would like to automatically switch the AC fan to on after X number of minutes or hours.

My problem is that I can turn it off in the Ecobee app, but I forget to switch back on and the house gets really warm.

Any ideas? I am using Yves Ecobee SmartThings app.

Hi, there are many ways to do this:

  • First, I’d encourage you to define your own custom climates at ecobee. Using the ecobee climates (or comfort settings) is the best way to realize this use case. You can create a custom Climate called Dinner with the begin and end times of your choice and the fanOff setting. This option is the most reliable as you don’t depend on SmartThings at all…

  • Second, you can also use WebCore for your custom rules.

  • Third, I have the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp at my store that can help you override the fan settings at ecobee based on certain indoor/outdoor conditions. There is no timer, but you can schedule different fan settings based on some dynamic conditions.

For more info, refer to