Ecobee Thermostats Keep Disconnecting

Past 3 days my thermostats continuously become disconnected from the Smart Things App.

I’ve been getting the notification it disconnected because the access credential has changed or was lost. I have to go beck in and reconnect then it’s good for 6 or 8 hours and the same thing all over again. Anyone else?

When my ecobee were not accessible. It was because ecobee was down for maintaince…nothing to do with smartthings. When ecobee does maintaince, they do notify their customers via email.

I returned my Ecobee for a similar issue, kept dropping wifi randomly.

I would get this as well but many times I would just leave it alone because either I was busy or I didn’t need the SmartThings integration at the moment. Then later when I would go back to reconnect, it had already reconnected itself.

Have been having the same experience as you which started this week on Monday. Every morning I have had to re-enter my username/password in Smartthings to reconnect my Ecobee 3 lite.