Ecobee room sensors but no thermostat

Can the ecobee room sensors be used without the thermostat? Someone bought 2 of them for me thinking they were motion sensors so I want to know of they can be used stand alone for motion sensing?

i think they communicate with the ecobee thermostat, but not 100% sure of that. i may remove one and see if ST discovers it

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Nope, you need the thermostat to connect them to. I don’t even think they use any standard like zigbee or z-wave.

Sounds like it’s time for you to buy an ecobee to go with those sensors :wink:

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Thanks for the info. I just may do that down the road since I don’t want have 2 useless sensors around :man_shrugging:

They are motion sensors, but they only work with the thermostat. I believe they operate on the 900MHz band but are not Z-Wave. The good news is that once connected to the Ecobee thermostat you can integrate the sensors and use them as temperature and motion sensors within SmartThings!

Just keep in mind there is a delay with them. Because you are getting the info over the internet through the ecobee servers. I believe the ecobee servers limit polling to one minute so worst case you will have 1 or 2 minute delay depending on when the next poll happens.

So, using them as a motion sensor is not practicle.