Ecobee Driver issues (edge)

I am wondering if anyone has seen the issue I am going to describe below and if there is a solution. Note that I tried removing and adding back the device and logging in and out of the smartthings app.

With the end of groovy I am trying to find a solution to replace one of the helper apps that turns on some small fans when the heat is active. I was able to do create routine to turn on/off with a state change to heating and idle.

I realized today that the state update was not responsive yet the smartapp is still working fine. Upon a deeper look the most recent drive for ecobee never changes from a state of heating when set to a thermostat mode of heating or auto. This remains on when the heat is running and when the system is idle. This creates a problem when you want to use thermostat states to trigger other routines.

Any thoughts?

That does sounds annoying. Are you using the standard ecobee integration or did you add a custom edge driver?

This issue is with the standard ecobee integration which does seem to be an edge driver as the DTH shows placeholder on the device. The odd thing is it does not give me an option to change the driver with the standard integration as my other edge devices do.

placeholder in the Groovy IDE only means it isn’t using Groovy to integrate. The standard ecobee integration is cloud-to-cloud, so it doesn’t use an Edge driver. I would probably contact ecobee support to report the issue with thermostat state not updating in SmartThings.

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I’m not saying it’s a great solution,
but a workaround would be to monitor discharge temp greater than 79F, then turn on the fan, etc.

It does require adding a sensor but at least that is simple and avoids any API dependency, easy to move it onto any other hub, etc.

In the past, the tstat heating/cooling status has been oddly slow to update anyway.

had no idea until i started replacing webcore with sharptools and new edge drivers that the stock ecobee implantation is terrible. i really does do much at all in its current state - does anyone have any idea if they will implement more features? i would like to control the thermostat mode, get motion sensing from the main unit etc etc. really dont want to spin up something like home assistant just for this…

I’m having the same issues, @Jeffp92. I was previously using a Zen Thermostat with WebCore, without issue, which toggled a switch for an external fan. In anticipation of the WebCore being disabled, I switched to a ST automation which achieved the same positive result.

Unfortunately, when the Zen Thermostat was transitioned to the Edge driver, the device’s mode state (Idle / Heat / Cold / Off) became unreliable. I bought an Ecobee with the hopes that a newer thermostat would allow me to avoid integration issues. I was wrong.

As you’ve stated, we cannot get a reliable operational state value to create automations. I’m curious to understand if you’ve had any luck with reaching out to Samsung or Ecobee regarding this issue?


I did not do anything further research into this issue. I moved away from using it and have not found a method to implement it with the available tools. I did not reach out to Samsung as they would say the edge implementation is an ecobee build. I am hoping when matter gets enabled ecobee will support it and the devices will be able to communicate over the local network in the near future.

I am having this same issue. I am trying to set up an automation to turn a UV lamp on based on state (heating, cooling, idle). The state intermittently gets updated to idle, although not very often. For example - the state will stay on heating for a good 30 minutes or so after the thermostat is actually in the idle state.