Ecobee abs thermostat schedule issue

I have an ecobee that is controlling my heat. I have the heat schedule controlled by routines automation. Welcome home. Goodbye and such.
I don’t have any other schedules set up for the ecobee. In my schedules I never have the heat above 68 degrees. I checked each routine and all max out at 68. For some reason every morning when I am away the heating setpoint goes to 70 degrees. How can I tell what is making this happen? Is this something the ecobee is doing on its own?

Under the classic app you can open the thermostat and look at the recently tab, it gives pretty good detail on what is sent to my Ecobee. It’s a bit difficult if it was a while back as there is a bunch of info temp changes, motion, etc. I looked back and saw where webcore made changes to my schedule as it should have this morning. I don’t think the the new app is giving the same detail. I could not go back far enough as the history stopped before I could get to see the same data with the new app.

You could also try the IDE as it will let you look quite a ways back in the history.