Ecobee 4 - setup with ST or Alexa ... or both?

I’m planning to install a couple of Ecobee 4 thermostats, and would like to be able to use my echo to control them. Should I be linking it to my ST hub, Echo (via Alexa Skills), or both? What would be most important to me is being able to invoke an Alexa command without having to say “tell the Ecobee…” I would just want to say “Alexa, turn on the downstairs A/C, etc…).”


I have mine linked to SmartThings and Alexa.

With Alexa Skill:
Alexa, what is the temperature…
Alexa, turn on the ac…
Alexa, set temp to…

I believe you can do this even without the Alexa Skill right in SmartThings…

With SmartThings:
I can take better control of scheduling and setting temperatures based on real time events. If door stays open too long, turn off A/C. If window is open, turn off A/C. There’s alot of more savings having Ecobee tied to SmartThings and sensible rules.

Since I have two zones, I can control them together effectively and efficiently with webCoRE Pistons.

I have 2 different Virtual Switches (VS) for my HVAC (Upstairs Ecobee and Downstairs Ecobee)

One VS is called HVAC. I use this to turn both systems on or off together.
The other is called HVAC Automation. I use this one to disable the “SmartThings” rules

For Example:

Thanks, rontalley.

If you have two thermostats, how do you define which one is being controlled when you give the command to the Echo?

So, I treat my system as 1 when it comes to the Virtual Switch “HVAC”. This switch will turn both units on/off.

If I want individual control, I simply say Upstairs or Downstairs.

Alexa, set the upstairs temperature to 74.
Alexa, turn off the air downstairs.

To be honest though, we hardly ever give HVAC commands anymore because everything is automated in a way that suits our family very well.

For example, the Mrs. does not like it too cool so when she is home, the air automatically sets itself 2 degrees higher than when she’s away.

All in all, Ecobee Therms are great! However, when you pair them with SmartThings, they become even more awesome!

We are able to maintain very comfortable temperatures and still have noticeable saving. Here’s how I compare to my neighbors:

I have two ecobee4 units, and yeah they are a great match for smartthings and Alexa.
Upstairs controls an air conditioning zone, and downstairs controls a heat/AC zone.
My Webcore rule says “if upstairs AC is running, set downstairs program to XXXXX” - that comfort setting has the heat point so low that the heat downstairs can never kick in as long as the upstairs AC is running.

I also have a couple rules that turn off those systems if windows are open. Not nearly as comprehensive as ron’s, but they work. Additionally, door sensors on internal doors (such as the basement door) function, via their temperature sensors, as controls on the ecobee systems.

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Thanks for the info, everyone. Looking forward to getting these installed!