Ecobee 3 $199 at HD on Black Friday

The leaked ad has been taken down, but here is the article with some of their Black Friday Sales

I expect to see a similar deal at Amazon. I’m really hoping to see a great deal on the bundle with 3 sensors.

The first one I got from AMZ warehouse deals had three lines of dead pixels. And the second one had more. I initiated the return, but I’m holding onto it until Black Friday. I don’t want to get another warehouse dud if I can get a new one.

I suspect that AMZ is damaging the units when they test them. Or people are sending them back because of this problem and AMZ doesn’t notice. . . . The Ecobee people were pretty surprised that I had two in a row with bad displays.

I read that both Amazon and Ecobee ran the Same Black Friday deal last year which was the 3-sensor combor for $249. I am hoping for the same which in essence is similar to Home Depot since you can buy the extra 3 sensors for about $50

Looks like Amazon had it on sale for under $200 back in June.

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That’s pretty good. Too bad, I wasn’t working on any home automation then :frowning:

You can get it right now for this price at, shipped free. It’s $249; add a filler and then use the $50-off-$250 coupon code linked here.

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This puts it dangerously close to the Ecobee3 lite price. Hmmm now what to do…

I am getting this one

Thanks. You can add some wood shims for $1.57. That gets you just over $250. I didn’t hunt for anything closer to a dollar.

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If your picking up an ecobee3 you might as well grab these ecobee sensors on sale at Walmart.

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That’s my problem, too. I don’t need a Ecobee3 for the bedroom tstat; the Ecobee3 lite has the right set of features. If only Lowes had the 3 lite.

It’s down to $199 on Amazon.

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awesome. thank you very much. I just picked one up

I got mine from Lowes using the $50 off coupon yesterday. The two I bought from AMZ warehouse deals both had lots of dead pixels. The new one is beautiful. I lost all of my historical data, but I only had two weeks in the system. No big deal.

Ecobee put it on sale for $50 off ($199) and I’m guessing Amazon matched. Ecobee’s sale runs from today through Black Friday.

I’m was still considering the Ecobee 3 Lite for the replacing the bedroom tstat, but I’m now thinking I’ll get another Ecobee 3 and use the sensor on the downstairs tstat.

This one from amazon is New, and I am using GC balance, so it works out perfectly. I also paid the 5.99 for next day delivery, so I can install it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Ya. I know. That’s what makes it a great deal! Enjoy.

The full set of Home IQ reports requires a month of use. But you can get some decent data after just a day or so.

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So Lowes also price matched the $199.99. You can use the 10% off code to save $20 making it $180. Or, add a $50 “filler” and use the the $50-off-$250 coupon; you’ll effectively be saving $30 on that $50 item.

$200-20 = $180
$200+50 - 50 = $200

Is anyone successfully getting the $50 off $250 coupons anywhere?