EchoSistant How-To and Peer Assistance

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Welcome to the thread where we can share how we’re using EchoSistant and to get ideas from others.

Let’s see what you’ve got!


Just read the wiki page. Maybe I’ll take the plunge and move from v3 to v4 tonight. I’m sure to be back looking for advice.

Thanks for the assistance!


Can’t get any two word room names to work consistently or if at all.

Me: Echo, Tell/Tell the MainKitchen/LivingRoom/FamilyRoom hello
Alexa: Hmm, I can’t find the answer to the question I heard
or the request is ignored, Any tips?

One words rooms are working great.

Did you sell the intent exactly the sane as the profile name?

Keeping all instances one word. Title, invocation, intent, utterance. Waiting for someone else to get here. Maybe my diction is off. Although I do have a pretty generic accent. I’ll let you know how we do.

I’ll try a cpl different devices too.

Your invocation word can be anything you want.

For living room…

Invocation - living room
Intent - LivingRoom
Profile name - LivingRoom

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Separated the invocation words and everything is working well.


I’m trying to query my garage door, but it often takes several requests before I can get EchoSistant to respond with what I’m looking for.

It seems the one sure-fire way to get the response I’m looking for is to first “open” the app, then query.

Here is an exchange I had. As you can see, Alexa interpreted my request accurately, but EchoSistant did not respond appropriately.

we are actually right this second trying to figure out if there is a problem in the code or if it’s Amazon…

we are seeing multiple issue

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Do me a favor and say this exactly…

Alexa, ask home IS the garage door open

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That worked. So it didn’t like “if.” Thanks guys!


yeah… that’s what it’s looking like. it works fine in the AWS test, but talking to Alexa it always wants to open the door.

Hi, I spent last installing EchoSistant but have come across a small problem, install went fine however when testing in AWS my lights do not seem to respond.
I found that if I type turn on bedroom light (small b for bedroom) I get - “text”: "Sorry, I heard that you were looking to on the bedroom but Echosistant wasn’t able to take any actions " as the output
If I type turn on Bedroom light (capital B) it works perfectly.
Interestingly it doesn’t seem to be all my lights that need the capital letter, my lego lights work fine :grinning:.
All my device names start with a capital letter

Anyone else with similar problems or have found the cure please?

Hi, that is very strange. The capitalization shouldn’t matter. All of my devices have a mix of capital letters, and I have no problems controlling them via Alexa.

I am poking around with this smart app and i’ve got to the point where you set up the message and control “Profiles”. Maybe I’m just not reading something right but can someone explain to me what a profile is and kinda how to set them up?

Have you followed the wiki yet?

That’s what I’m following now, I just got to the point regarding the profiles and I’m getting a bit confused.

Ok cool… Do you have a specific question? I’ll be glad to help you and maybe we can improve the wiki too

Basically not sure what it is, or how to set one up. I see it goes through configuring a profile but I guess im just not sure how to configure something I don’t know what it does. Sorry I’m pretty new to custom smart apps, I may have bitten off more than I can chew trying to install Echosistant! :stuck_out_tongue: