Echo + Dot with Smartthings Hub

I have a Amazon Echo in our kitchen and a Echo Dot in our living room. All my Lutron smart switches are connected into a Lutron hub which is connected to the smartthings hub. I can control all devices from the Kitchen Echo but the Echo Dot cannot find any.

I just did the following as a test. In the Alexa App on my iPhone I forgot all devices. Asked Alexa on the Dot to list devices. It went into a discovery and some 20 seconds later it comes back with I couldn’t find any smart home devices. But I do the same on the kitchen echo and it finds all devices.

Looking to find out what the issue is. I cannot figure it out. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Are your Echo and Dot registered with different Amazon accounts? That’s the only way this would make sense, given that the Smart Home functionality is account-centric.


I just check in my Alexa App, bot are registered to me. Do you think I should deregister and then register again?

Does the Dot work OK aside from this issue? If so then I’d contact Amazon support, as there’s something wrong on their end.

Pretty much so. I can get weather, time, jokes etc from it. But anything to do with my smart devices I get nothing…

Finally fixed it.

I deregistered both the Echo and the Echo Dot from the Alexa app.Then I reset each device. I then added just the Dot to the Alexa app and when done setting it up I did a discovery of devices and all were found. I then did the same on the main Echo. it too discovered all smart devices. Now I can control all devices from either location.

Hope this helps anyone that may run into this issue as I did… Thanks all for all your input on this issue.

I’m glad it’s working for you. But once you discovered your devices using the Dot you shouldn’t have had to do any discovery using the Echo. It doesn’t hurt anything, but like I said, that functionality is tied to your account, not either device.

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Some thing I ran into with the echo devices; I have a shared account with my wife so she can use the prime benefits. One Dot all of a sudden would keep prompting me to “set up smart home in the Alexa app” but the others worked with out issue. Turns out I had to ask Alexa to “switch profile” then it switched back to my account and started working again. Just something else to check if you are in a household with someone else.

Whenever I add a new Alexa device, it automatically has access to the devices that have previously discovered…