Echo Music and lights with one command?

Racking my brains and Cant seem to come up with a solution for this , any suggestions ?

Just having a bathroom refit done and pumping in some Home automation stuff whilst I’m at it.

It will have various flavours of Hue lighting , a Lithe Bluetooth speaker system , smartthings motion sensor and an echo dot .

What I want ( for the wife ) is a single command to begin playing a playlist ( Spotify or amazon prime ) and also set a Hue scene.

For example… ‘turn on Spa mode’ will begin playing her spa music playlist and the lights dim to the desired scene.

Ideally via voice and the echo, or can be a routine on smartthings or similar.

Open to all suggestions of how this can be accomplished with a high WAF.

Any suggestions ??

( I’ve moved this to projects so you can get responses based on your individual set up and requirements.)

I’m not sure you’re going to be able to get an individual playlist to start unless you add an additional device which actually speaks a command that the echo will respond to. But @bamarayne should know one way or the other.

For a Hue scene, Of course the echo can do that but it can’t combine it with the other command. However, @bamarayne may have some ideas on that as well.

Alternatively, it’s possible that core can do some or all of this.

You can definitely get to Hue scenes through IFTTT, but while Spotify has a channel, it doesn’t let you start the specific playlist, so that doesn’t help.

Anyway, I’m sure the community can come up with some creative approaches. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the Move and suggestions. I’m going to be using CORE for some of the other automations in the bathroom ( extractor fan and such ) but couldn’t come up with a solution for the audio. Scenes I’ve not got a problem with .

If I can’t get the echo to do the music side of things ( via the ceiling speakers ) then as the speakers are Bluetooth there could be a solution to play to them from something g else as part of a routine I guess . There is a server in the loft near them which could be Bluetooth enabled ?

Seems like such an obvious thing to achieve ( but don’t they all ! )

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Not possible! But, You can do this with Lutron Caseta. Lutron works well with Sonos and Alexa so you can create “Scenes” or lighting groups and also attach Sonos zones to that scene.