Halloween Scene with Alexa, Hue and Sonos?


I have Hue Lamps , Sonos speakers and Amazon Echo devices in all rooms of my house.
I want to create a Halloween scene which randomly makes sound and hue light effects in random (or ordered) rooms .
I searched for a Alexa skill but could not find anything which controls Hue lights along with sounds on speakers.
is there any easy way to achieve what I want ? (sound may come from Sonos speakers or Amazon Echo devices)

There’s this Android app which is great:

but it makes the sounds on the phone. I want to have the sound on Echo devices or Sonos speakers.

I’ve been playing around with Hue apps for Halloween lighting as well. The Scary HueHello is a plug-in for the HueHello app, which must be installed for the Scary HueHello to work.

There are a few halloween themed Hue apps out there that have both ambient sounds/music, and short soundbite types of things and the Hue lights will sync with it. Thunderstorm for Hue, Hue Halloween, and Hue Haunted House Party are ones I’ve tried, and the sound does come from the phone, but it’s not limited to that. For an individual speaker, bluetooth is an option. For multiple speakers, and please keep in mind that I’m using Google Home speakers and Chromecast instead of Echo and Sonos, but I can cast the audio to a speaker, chromecast, or speaker group.

Some apps rely on the microphone in the phone to detect the sound for the lighting effects. So you’ll have to keep that in mind. But as long as your phone is within earshot of a speaker, you should be good.

After playing around with it, I believe I’m mainly going to use Thunderstorm for Hue from my phone, but may try to simultaneously run one of the other two apps to different speakers using my tablet. I should probably try that out first, though. I also have some non-Hue bulbs (Osram Lightify) that I may use simply in pulse mode or something similar.

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thanks for your comments.
unfortunately there is no option to send phone audio output to Sonos speakers.

I really would like to have an Amazon skill or Smartthings smart app which would use the Sonos speakers (or Echo devices) randomly along with Hue lamps. Since I have speakers and Hue lamps all around the house, a random trigger of each device would make a great haunted mansion scene

would it be possible to do something with Core ?
I know it is possible but when it comes to using random speakers and random sounds from a list, I am not able to do it. is it possible ?

Did you ever figure out how to get the sound you wanted? Here is the test run of my setup.

I used the Thunderstorm for Hue app and cast the audio from my phone to my Chromecast Audio and set the speakers in the windows. I had the volume low during this test. On Halloween night, I had the volume up considerably. I had planned to mount several of the lights outside (just using clamp work light fixtures) but we had a hard wet snow going, so I put them all inside in the windows (other than an outdoor strip light on the ground behind the shrubs).

nope, I couldn’t do it. And Halloween has passed anyway :slight_smile:

my intension was to have random sounds from different rooms of the house randomly.
I believe it could be achieved by a good Core script and with some sound container to play from.