Echo duplicate devices

I’m stumped. I’ve been adding more and more devices and my Echo has gone insane.

Some devices are ‘duplicates’ to the Echo(s). For example, if I say Dining On, it says there is more than one device named Dining. But there isn’t.

I thought it could be because the IDE saw two hubs – my current V2 hub and my old V1 hub.

So, I deleted the V1 hub. Then I disabled the Smartthings App in the Alexa app (which deauthorizes it). The I enabled it again and ran discovery.

Still two Dinings.

It’s randomly happening on more and more devices too.

I’m stuck. One note – I have a lot of Echos (9). Not sure if this affects anything.

It shouldn’t.

Open The Alexa app, go to smart home, and check the devices list to see what is listed there. You need to look at both groups and at individual devices.

The duplicate devices wouldn’t Haken to be bulbs connected to a hue bridge or some other hub… Or Wi-Fi switches like wemo would they?

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If you have Hue connected to ST, and direct Hue/Alexa integration they will show up twice in discovery. In ST Alexa app DO NOT allow give Alexa access. to any Hue devices. ( DO NOT click off the " give Alexa access to all devices and routines" ) .

If you go through Alexa devices they will show is Hue color, Lux, Downlight, etc and again as SmartThings dimmable

" I found more devices with that name " is also Alexa’s response any time she does not understand which device you said. It is annoying as all He77. In my house " she" constantly insists I have more than one kitchen.

How many Echoes you have is irrelevant. I have 9 ( not counting TVs and Kindles ) on 2 different Amazon accounts, they all work off the same DB of devices.

Unauthorizing them in ST will NOT remove them from Alexa. You need to go through them in Alexa app/website and delete each one individually. I just moved a few Hue bulbs, changed their names, ran discovery and they showed up as the new name and were still listed under their old name and group until I deleted them.

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No. All GE switches.

I may have fixed it. I went into the Alexa Web settings and 'forgot' everything then rediscovered. The same thing I had done on the app, but the Web page showed extra devices.

We will see. I thought I'd fixed it before.

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If you rename a device in ST and run Alexa discovery it will find the new name, but NOT delete the old one.

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First, remove all smart device from Alexa and rename the location of your device. This is not the big issue. You can read about more smart devices and their connectivity and how to remove the echo register errors? Complete information on Setting up Smart Devices and Alexa for all beginners and solution seeker.