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Echo Dot/Alexa

(Andria Biggs) #1

This morning out of nowhere, and without using the trigger word or phrase my echo dot said “By the way, you’re awesome” like just out of the blue. Nothing else. Just that. Kinda creepy. Any ideas why? Are developers testing a new feature? I don’t even have any type of inspirational tasks loaded…

(Tony) #2

Might be worthwhile looking at ‘History’ in the Alexa app (hamburger menu > Settings >General/History) where all the recent triggers are listed and timestamped. Maybe there was some random ambient noise that was picked up by the unit that was the cause; if so you’ll see what got decoded and sent to the cloud (and can even play back the audio recording that the microphone picked up).

(Dan P Parker) #3

Maybe you just suddenly became awesome and she felt the need to let you know.

(Andria Biggs) #4

That’s actually a great idea. My phone got run over a couple of weeks ago and I hadn’t downloaded my app to my new phone. When I did. It was there. Thanks! And somewhere it heard ‘am I on’ (probably from the and interpreted it as awsome.

(Andria Biggs) #5

Haha. Well actually I’ve always been awesome. But it was nice of her to notice :joy:


It was Alexa responding to the ghosts in the house.

When the commercials for Alexa come on TV mine will respond. Usually saying something like she can’t find the answer or was not sure of what I said.