Echo dot situation

So I have the echo dot I got as a gift for Christmas. As I’m laying on the couch with my fiancé, my echo dot started saying my name. Now, the only thing I was saying was my dogs name and talking about how much I love him (literally the conversation) and it said “Danielle Rotio” when I didn’t answer it said “Danielle Rotio right?” Has anyone ever have this problem?

Do you have any Alexa contacts? Drop-in feature enabled?

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It sounds like you were hacked. But I am not totally sure. I would change your network password, and your Amazon password, just to be safe. I do know that if you voice trained Alexa, and you as who am I it says your first name never your first and last.

This is possible, but who did you allow Drop-in with?

You think someone hacked her echo dot to make it say her name?

@Drotio92 Here is the amazon article on the drop-in feature. Take a look in your alexa app and see if you have any contacts enabled for drop-in.


You should contact Amazon support right away. I have always found them very helpful. They should be able to help figure out what happened.

I agree with @marktheknife , though, it does sound like you might have drop in enabled. But Amazon support will be able to tell.

I doubt if you were hacked, there isn’t really anything in the Dot functioning that would enable what you described even if you were hacked.

Use the “contact us” button on the left side of the following page

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Look at your Echo command history to see what Alexa heard you say.


Never had mine call my name or address me in any way. I have had it randomly start telling a story or singing a song without being asked. A few times she would respond to a question that wasn’t asked by answering or asking for it to be repeated etc.

Check your history in the Amazon app to see what might have triggered it. You contacts or drop in skill might be enabled.

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That only thing I have enabled is my music and like yoga music and a couple games but I’m the only person that has one. The only person I know of is my boss who gave it to me but she barely knows how to use it herself.

I agree with @JDRoberts, ask amazon support what they can see in the logs for your device. We’re all just kinda brainstorming here, but an amazon support tech can actually look into the details of your specific case.

@mebejedi’s suggestion is also good. You can look in the alexa app too to see if there’s any info about what Alexa was trying to do at the time this occurred.

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if it was a drop-in call then echo would pulse/light the green ring for incoming call.

If they left a message then the green ring remains on.

If you don’t want anybody in your contacts, that also has an echo, to be able to drop in, then you’d better set “do not disturb”. When I tested my drop-in contacts I saw only a couple with echos, but they were not people I want to talk thru echo.

I had something similar happen recently. What actually happened is that my phone had a Bluetooth connection to the Dot and was just on the edge of the range and the connection kept dropping. Alexa was actually saying something like “Now connected to Bob’s phone”

There are very few cases where Alexa will spontaneously speak.