Echo announcement automation for Washer?

Trying to figure out the best automation in ST that will trigger a virtual open close device in Echo

The virtual open close is fine, I don’t need help with that but it’s the actual ST automation I cannot unravel in my head

The washing machine which the anouncement is for has a power sense plug, if I set an automation to trigger a virtual open close to close position on 10w equal or below the Echo routine and subsequent anouncement just keep running

The automation is simply to announce the washing machine has finished

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I had the same problem because I have a modern top loader washer that starts, stops, slows down, and speeds up numerous times during the cycle.
It was semi easy with WebCore but with the impending Groove shutdown I wanted to move it Automations.
I had to use 2 separate automations with an extra virtual switch which is used like a WebCore variable. The 1st automation tells the system the washer is running and 2nd automation tells the system the wash is done and notifies Alexa.
My automations are shown below. The 2nd automation got split into 2 screen shot s. You will need to adjust the walls amd minutes to suite your washer.

Washer plug = Z-wave power metering plug
Washer Running = ordinary virtual switch
Wash is Done = Simulated Alexa Switch
My corresponding Alexa Routine.

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Thank you Paul, so your using a v/switch to stay on and then use that switches ‘ON’ state as the variable along ‘with’ power below

V/switch ‘ON’ + power below x amount = Echo routine V/switch ‘ON’
The 2 variables together are the key to not getting a repeat notification

Then 5 minute time out on the Echo V/switch ‘ON’ to ‘OFF’ state

And because you cannot add auto turn off at same time, I have added another automation that switches your ‘wash is done VD’ off after 6 minutes

Does that sound close ?

I am doing the same thing. I use a v/switch along with 2 automations to do the job. This sends a notification and also plays a voice message on my Kitchen Sonos.

We have Sonos throughout and tbh I never thought of using Sonos for the anouncement

I know many moons ago I tried anouncements on Sonos for other things but we had volume issues, how are you finding the volume Simon, is volume configurable for a Sonos anouncement in ST ?

Volume has not been an issue for me. its little louder than the music but that’s good as otherwise you could miss it. Give it a go!

Yes. But the times you use could vary depending on your washer. I watched the power consumption during a load to get some ideas. I than had to tweak it to prevent false alerts and/or no alerts.

Very interesting. I tried using Sonos for notifications a while ago but the notifications were at the loudest volume. Even if I manually set my sonos volume very low the notification sounded like it was at max volume.

And only 2 languages can be selected, at least that’s all I see, Engrish (US) and Korean no Engrish (Uk)