Washer and Dryer Notifications Help: have Alexa announce when washer is done?


I setup my Dryer to notify me when it’s done. This was pretty simple for me since I’ve always been into repairing electronics. I added this to my dryer since my Buzzer was 110V

I just used the NC legs (I didn’t want to see sensor open all the time on ST app) to a Ring Door/Window Sensor (I soldered wires to the magnetic reed switch Basically solder 1 wire to each end) So when the dryer is done it Buzzes and triggers Relay which trips the sensor then I have Alexa announce “Dryer is Done”. Very Very Simple to do and very reliable. Please note I did take the Dryer control panel apart and mount the relay inside it. Ran wire out the back through a rubber grommet and mounted Ring Door Sensor on back so I would have easy access to change battery and you can’t see it. (Told you I was into electronics oh and a certified ISO solder. lol)

Now the Washer I’m having some problems with. I ordered this:

Its a 15AMP Z-wave smart switch. I have it setup in ST without any issues. What I want to do is have it notify me also through Alexa (PLEASE don’t tell me to use WebCore I will use WebCore the day I can setup a Webcore server in my house on my secure server) So that being said… Is there anyway to make this work. I know I could get ST to notify me just not sure how to get Alexa to announce it.

Well, you said not to tell you to use “webCoRE”…What about CoRE?! :man_shrugging:t5:

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It’s on my list to do too. Just need a virtual contact sensor to set the state to open when the switch turns on, then you can add it to Alexa and create a routine for when the contact opens to announce the laundry is done. I am sure you can find this type of virtual sensor around, I just didn’t look or had time to write it.

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I wrote a dual capability virtual device that allows to you to tun on/off the contact sensor like a regular switch. You can add it to Alexa and create a routine to trigger a message. PM me for more details.

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I tried a few things for my dryer and ended up using the multipurpose contact sensor. I just removed the magnet to place it on the dial and had to play around with placement of the sensor so it triggers in the right position.

Just posting in case anyone else is looking to a simple way to do this.

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Interesting, however in my case, my washer / dryer are 2015 vintage LG Front Loaders, no vibration on the panel per se as it uses a digital chime. The chime is plenty loud that it can be heard pretty much everywhere in my house, but my house isn’t huge. It’s not tiny, but at 2K SQ/FT it’s no mansion either…

Yeah I don’t use the vibration, found it wasn’t sensitive enough. I attached the magnet to the dial so it triggers open/close state.

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For the washer Alexa notification I installed the Alexa Switch Creator from the Community Installer. It can setup a virtual motion sensor and I have Webcore change the state based on the power outlet. Used something similar to what rotanlley posted.

Tried using the built in options for my Samsung outlet but found I needed the webcore for the draw and time settings. I guess the other option is to write your own smartapp in the IDE if you don’t want to use Webcore.

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Love that I can keep track of loads and even announce when something isn’t right.

Sure enough, the kids had 2 blankets in the dryer which would not dry properly.


Any idea how to do this with a 220v electric dryer that has digital controls? I don’t recall the specific models, they were the top of the LG line 5 years ago… No smart features that I know of…

Oh nice, that’s what all the extra variables were for in webcore. I just set it up this weekend for the simple power and toggle the switch. Gonna have to do that eventually.

Yeah my dryer is 220v as well and that’s why I used the contact senor and just attached the magnet on the dial, picture in my post above. Simple open/close to see when it’s running.

For the washer I used the power monitoring outlet like others have done.

Yeah, again, that’s a big problem with the digital controls. Nothing moves. If I still had my old Kenmore set no problem, your magnet for the sensor on the knob idea would work perfectly…

Ah sorry, missed where you said digital controls. I remember seeing some blog about a multipurpose sensor with an add-on you would attach to detect if an led light is on. You would basically stick the sensor to device and if it has a light it would do a simple open/close. They were advertising for monitoring small devices, can’t seem to find link for it though sorry.

Ah found it. https://shop.homeseer.com/collections/sensors/products/homeseer-hs-fs100-z-wave-flex-sensor

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Hi, I really need some help with this. I can’t figure out how to get this to work. I’m so confused and just need someone to tell me step by step how to get this to work.

I’m running Appliance Finished - Notify, it sends me a notification and text message. I need this to get Alexa to speak “Washer is Done” I’ve installed Alexa Virtual Device Creator. Now I can’t figure out how to get these to work together.

Also again I do NOT want to use WebCore or Core. lol