Eaton dimmer 3 way configuration?

Hello there. New here. Ive got 2 locations, stairway and hallway, wired with 1 dimmer switch and 1 accessory, which only got 120v coming in (no 3-way wire). It is basically an RF controller. And for a love of life i cannot get the accessory to control the dimmer. At some point i got it to work with built in smart lighting app but the delay was unreal (minutes sometimes). After reading for a while, I discovered Innovelli association tool. I figured out how to install it, how to add custom code from the IDE. Now it shows up in my app on the phone and I follow instructions that I’ve seen for it online and it is not working at all. I can’t figure out why it is not working. After reading through these forums, I found out that there’s a tweaker app available but no clear instructions on how to use it? Is there anyone that can help me figure this out. I know I can get rid of these and use those ge switches with 3-way wire but I really like how these look and feel. PLEASE HELP!!

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ Also, reading the directions can help.

From the instructions for the Inovelli association tool:

The tool requires special code to be present in the device handler so it will only work with Inovelli devices.

So, yeah, that’s not going to work.

Tweaker should work. This is a DTH (Device type Handler), not a smartapp.

If you don’t know the difference, start by reading the following community FAQ. Although it was written for the 2015 version of the app and the publishing instructions will be out of date, the terminology and concepts Still apply. So make sure you understand those before going forward, it will make everything a lot easier for you.

FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)

Once you’ve read that and understand the concepts, you are ready to use the tweaker. What you are going to do is temporarily assign the tweaker as the DTH for the accessory switch. Then you should be able to go into the smartthings app and set the parameters the way you want, including the association groups.

Once you get those set, they will save into the switch itself. So then you go back to using the original DTH for every day use.

The switch will not work while it is assigned to the tweaker: you are only going to use that to set the parameters.

You don’t need to do anything with the master switch, it will be fine the way it is.

Here’s the thread with the Tweaker code. Read the first post so you understand what it is, then jump all the way down to post 209 in that thread. It has a version which has been updated for the 2018 version of the smartthings app, and I believe it also works with the 2021 version.

If you run into any problems with the tweaker, just ask in that thread and someone will help you. :sunglasses:.

(Make sure you make a note of the original DTH that the accessory switch is using so you can go back to it after you’re done with the Tweaker.)

[BETA] Z-Wave Tweaker (See post #209 for new V3 app version)

Good luck! I really like the Eaton devices, they are well engineered. They should work well for you once you get the groups set up correctly.

Oh, and before going further, what’s the exact model number of the devices? It can make a difference.

Also, assuming your accessory switch is RF 9642 (again, the model number matters), you will need to use Association group 3 in order to get dimming on the master switch. Don’t use Association group 1, and association group 2 is for on/off switches, not dimming.

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So accessory is rf9642 and the dimmer is rf9640. I got the tweaker on my IDE. I figured out how to switch the dht. I changed the parameters for the accessory. I assigned 0F to the accessory, put in group 3 (tried group 2) and put auto-detect for command class. Then I switched back to its original dht (secure dimmer) and nothing is going on. Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry, what does this mean in this context?

Both the master and the accessory should have network IDs assigned by the hub, those are the ones that you have to use.

You want to put the network ID of the master in the list for association group 3 that you are building with the tweaker for the accessory switch.

As I mentioned above, the RF 9642 has different association groups. Association group one is reserved for lifeline, so you don’t use that. Association group 2 is for when the master is just an on/off switch, not a Dimmer. Association group 3 is for when the master is a dimmer.

Also, I assume you mean DTH, not “DHT,” right?

Did you follow the instructions for setting an association with the tweaker? They are in the GitHub for the original code. You should see the group members listed in the display, so make sure those are right before switching back to the original DTH.

If you have followed the instructions and you have any further questions about the tweaker, please ask in that thread and someone there will help you. (I rely on a voice reader, and it doesn’t handle code very well, so I can’t be much help there.)

So the network ID is 11 for the master dimmer. I


I tried that thread and no reply. I can only post 1 screenshot here. I really would love to figure this out. I am willing to pay to get this going. I invested a lot of time and it is eating me away right now that I can’t make this thing work. Are there any lessons available anywhere?