Easy way to move "things" from Vera to ST?

I have all my “things” paired to my Vera Edge but I would like to move everything to my ST.
Is there anyway to transfer all “things” or do I need to pair every device again in the ST?

You need to remove and repair everything.


No, you will need to go through and exclude your Z-wave devices from the VeraEdge and then go through the pairing process for each of those devices. I did this when I decided to move from Vera to ST as well.


Nope! You also have to exclude each device and then include then with the ST. When I went from Wink to Wink 2 it was easy. ST should steal what they did for that transition just like that are for making functions local for the ST2 that Wink has already done. They also increased the number of Z-Wave commands but it is still a weak area for the Wink 2.