Moving from Veralite to STv2!

Moving from Veralite to STv2!

Dear, I am a VeraLite user for a long time, but I suffered with the famous updates unsuccessful firmware. The last made my Vera “die” not fucniaona more and the manufacturer has not provided an answer, and the worst was not Primeria time it happened !! The last time the technical support changed my device. Is following question: all my devices, Jasco, Fibaro, Intermatic, aeon, yale, etc were connected in my old vera spoiled, I will get through to the ST? The temperature of my region is measured in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit not, this conversion has ST?

Att Guima

All your existing devices should be able to pair with SmartThings after you do a reset for Zigbee devices and an general Z-wave exclusion for you Z-wave devices. Once you install the hub, you can set your temperature preference to Celsius.


meu Vera não liga mais, como poderei fazer um reset ou exclusão nos aparelhos z-wave? . Obrigado

my summer does not work anymore, how can I do a reset or delete the z-wave devices? . Thank you

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You do the Z-wave exclusion on the new hub and then pair your device to the new hub.

ok!! Muito obrigado tks