Earthquake Sensor

I have looked through old posts recommending different products for detecting earthquakes, but haven’t had much luck. I tried an Aeotec Multisensor 7 hoping that its “tamper alert” would pick one up. The sensor does alert me if I shake/drop it, but it isn’t sensitive enough. The shaking required would equate to a catastrophic earthquake and an automation would be irrelevant at that point. I’d like to pick up the smaller ones so I can do a quick check around the building or be notified while I am away.

Fibaro multi has this as a specific use case (intended for the Japanese market).

See advanced parameters 20 and 24.

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Would the sensitivity improve if you mounted the sensor to a thin flexible strip / rod? I was originally picturing a “diving board” projecting off the side of a table, or a C shape secured to the floor, but that would only amplify vibrations in the vertical direction. Standing a thin rod vertically would get you the horizontal directions instead. I’m not familiar with earthquake detection so I’m not sure which direction(s) are easier or more important to detect…

Interesting idea. I tried two of them. One was wall mounted in the corner, and the other sitting on a table top. Neither is triggering without me picking it up.

Product description page for the Fibaro:

Earthquake detector mode | FIBARO Manuals

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I’ll give that a look. Thanks

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