Early bedtime for SmartSense Motion?

So two days in a row the SmartSense Motion sensor in our living room has stopped at about 7pm (GMT)…

It’s sat where it always has been since we got TheInsiders kit and controls all of the living room lights via the Smart Lighting app with 30 minute no movement offset.

Yesterday at about 7:13pm and again today at 6:51pm it just spotted sending (motion started or stopped).

Today the Activity Feed shows, it triggering motion stopped followed by motion started every minute until 6:50pm followed by a motion stopped at 6:51pm but no motion started…

Since then nothing!!!

Yesterday I found pulling the battery, restarted its reporting… But loath to do that every day…

This is my first real device issue, so any debug advice short of removing it from the network and re-adding? (Like to know why rather than just sledgehammer a system problem)

Can’t think of any local environmental changes that would impact the sensor at that point… Nothing in activity log and of course missed it today in live logging (OK didnt monitor as assumed was a one time “crash” yesterday)

Ohh and battery is reporting as 88%, hitting refresh on the device in app apparently does nothing.

I’d start here:

Thanks @sidjohn1, I’d already ticked off each of those (except the USB as that’s only original motion sensor and remove/reconnect)

My theory is that the time it happened being so arbitrary may have something to do with it.

While I guess it could be coincidence, the fact that both events have been the same time in the evening when there isn’t a time scheduled event (on my mesh) for another two hours, made my testers had itch :smile:

So really just wondered if this was something others were experiencing,

I’ll remove/replace and failing that write to support

It’s funny, I’m having exactly the same issue. My battery is also reporting 88%.

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John are you in the UK or US ?

Wondering if it is individual devices or a (potentially UK only(??)) "Feature’ of the recent firmware upgrade?

OK this is even stranger, only just rechecked the sensor log and… Without me even touching anything it kicked back in at 20:55 and has seemingly been functioning correctly ever since…

Now I do have a smart Lighting app running from 30 minutes before sunset so yesterday from about 16:35 GMT and the next TIME scheduled thing which is also a smart Lighting app instance is 21:00 …

Coincidence??? Don’t think so

@Aaron any ideas?

@John_Crighton what does your event log look like?

I’ll have to take a look later, but to my recollection it just seems to stall. I need to pull the battery pretty much every day.

I was surprised to see the battery go down to 88% so quickly, but it’s not moved since. Perhaps it’s something to do with flux capacitors?

Plenty of mesh devices nearby.

I’m in the UK.

Yes my motion detector reports 88% and so does my other smart things sensors… But having read this…

Pretty sure that just means the batteries are over 77%…

Weird question… is there something that happens in your home (or the neighbors’) around the same time that could cause interference?

I once worked with a customer that couldn’t figure out why many devices went nonresponsive in the evening. After probing, it turned out that the whole family came home, started cranking the wifi and TVs (and what sounded like an industrial audio system) that started causing Zigbee devices to become nonresponsive. However, everything would work again in the morning and on weekends because people weren’t just sitting around with devices.

Check in with support@ and they can dig it to the event logs.

I am envisioning something like this:

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Cheers Aaron, I’ll switch live logging on and see what it does tonight… And contact UK Support if I’m no further forward.

As far as interference… It’s a fairly large detached house (by UK standards :wink: ) between a pair of retiree bungalows, so I don’t think we have much variance at around that time, unless it’s static from the three dogs jumping on me … Uploading…

Thanks for the info on the battery.

Yesterday, the sensor was behaving as expected during the day (when it doesn’t do anything, just reports ‘motion’)

However when it came to sunset and it should have been firing a routine to switch some under cabinet lights on, it had frozen. Battery out and back in fixed it for the rest of the night.

This morning it’s still working and sunrise means the routine is no longer firing.

I’m almost certain it will stop working again at sunset.

Edit to add, unlikely that any neighbouring activity is responsible, and nothing particularly exciting happens here at sunset. Last night our only child (2yo) was with his grandparents and my wife was at work. Only I was at home.

Ok, so I was wrong. At 12pm when nobody was here, the sensor log says:

All entries at 12:00 exactly:

Under cabinet Led detected motion
Under cabinet Led motion has stopped
Under cabinet Led detected motion
Under cabinet Led motion has stopped
Under cabinet Led detected motion
Under cabinet Led motion has stopped
Under cabinet Led detected motion
Under cabinet Led motion has stopped

Given that nobody was here, and that there should be 40 seconds between motion being detected and the sensor going back to ‘no motion’ state (and the state changing 4 times in 60 seconds) it looks like something’s up here.

After these four entries, the sensor was no longer functional.

At 15:19 I pulled out the battery and put it back in. It pretty much immediately sensed my motion and logged it.

ETA: At 17:10 I went down to test the routine now the sun is down. The sensor registered ‘Motion’ but nothing was written to the log, and no lights came on (Smart Lights routine did not fire).

At 17:21, even though I’ve been nowhere near the sensor for 10 minutes, it’s still showing ‘Motion’, and the log shows no new entries.

Another battery pull I think.

Surely I must be doing something wrong?