Dyson fans

Hi all,

I’m thinking of getting one of the Dyson tower fans that does both heating and cooling.

Apparently these very expensive tower cooler / heaters - whilst excellent - (I have a cheaper cooling only model) do have some type of IoT / intelligence using their “MyDyson” app, I can’t find a way to integrate it with SmartThings.

Ideally, I’d love it if my home office was cooled / heated based on the temperature SmartThings sensors I already have in the room. Does anyone have any ideas how I could achieve this?

Thanks - Steve

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At the time of this writing, I believe the main integration option is to use either Google assistant or Alexa routines (not smartthings routines) as an intermediary.

Dyson offers integration with both of those voice assistants. So you set up a Smartthings Routine to turn on a virtual device, which can then trigger the voice assistants’ routine to get Dyson to do the action. It works, it’s just a little clunky.

I use this method to get integration with a Frigidaire air conditioner, for example.

and here’s the community FAQ on this integration process, including links to virtual devices you can use for the voice assistant routine triggers

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

It’s possible that sometime in the future Dyson will eventually add matter support, in which case you could get direct integration, but we are not there yet.