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I have several fairly simple routines, that use basic Night/Home preconditions and such, and have worked just fine for several weeks. This evening, I noticed some lights that went off during the day, which should be ‘Home’, and I thought that was odd. I checked the modes and realized that the Good morning routine executed and controlled other devices correctly, but did not change the location mode. In the Dashboard, it was showing ‘Last Executed’ as Nov 13.

I started testing, and I’m experiencing a bizarre issue, where even a simplest manual routine to change location mode to home is simply not working. I created a new one, and executed it multiple times from the app (both iOS and Android), and from the Dashboard. Despite the message appearing that it executed, the “Last Executed” remained blank. However, the good night route seems to work just fine, and changes mode to Night, and updates the “Last Executed” date. See screenshots below.

Update 1: I duplicated the “Good Night” routine, and just changed the Location mode from “Night” to “Home”, and that is working. However, no other routine, even the most basic one, seem to be able to change the location, as shown in screenshots, where “Last Executed” is not populating.

Update 2: Things get weirder. In the duplicated Good Morning routine, I have a cloud device. This routine is changing the mode correctly. I duplicated this routine, removed just the cloud device, and the location is again not changing with just Local execution. I added a random cloud device in (on/off), and it’s working fine. I am beyond stumped.

Any ideas? This is maddening.

Duplicated “Good Night” scene, with Night changed to Home, successfully executing.

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