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A few months ago I purchased an Aeotec light strip for under kitchen cabinet lighting. It’s been working great until yesterday. As of yesterday I cannot turn it on or off using the smarthings app. I’ve tried it on my phone and my GF’s phone. Both phones however will recognize if the lights manually turned on or off. I can push the button the light strips controller and turn it on and off and the app will reflect the change. Just will not turn it on or off through the app itself. This also makes my routines not function for that light. I removed the device from smartthings and readded it with no change. I know in order to make it work originally I had to use a special device handler. This is the only device I’ve had to do that with so I’m not sure what I’d be looking at if that could be an issue.

I have the same problem like you. My Aeotec dual switch stopped working. I reset the device, I removed from smartthings and added again but nothing works.

The device was added as “Z-Wave Dual Switch” but when I try to switch on or off this error is shown in the “Live Logging” Tab:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method contains() on null object @line 202 (command)

Any ideas?

Known problem, engineering is looking at it. It’s affecting multiple brands, looks like Z wave devices that use security encapsulation. See the following existing discussion thread:

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I have the same issue with all of my fibaro double switches!!! (not with fibaro shutters or dimmers).
It started today.