Webcore relay/mirror device

Hi all,

In webcore, is it possible to have a place holder device where all pistons connects to. Then this place holder device would mirror the actual device? For example, mobile phone.
Here’s the scenario, I have about 15 pistons on webcore, and I use “push notification” to send notification to my phone when things are happening. Everytime I reset my phone, or switch to a new phone, I need to go into each piston and relink the device manually.

The idea is that if all the pistons are connected to a place holder device, all I need to do is to relink on this place holder, then everything will just work.

Any thoughts?

Maybe not a optimum solution, but you could create a virtual switch that sends you a notification. Then in each piston that sends a notification have it open or close that switch. Then have a piston that sends a notification when the virtual switch changes.
The problem I see with this is you won’t know which piston set the switch Also shouldn’t a push notification be sent to any phone that has the app and is on your account?

Maybe I don’t understand what your trying to do.

What about a global device variable.

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I see what you mean, it’s not an elegant solution, but It should work. But that also means I need to have a virtual switch for each kind of message I setup.
Basically I have my smart home talk to me by sending me push notification. I have a lot of pistons that works in the background.
For example, when I get an email notification to pick up a package at concierge, some of my light pulses blue and I get a notification to pick up package. And another one where if there are no motion at my apartment after 1am for more than 30 minutes, then switch home to night mode automatically. I get a notification from my home to say goodnight to me :slight_smile: lol
I have been setting device based push notification, I didn’t realize it is possible to send to all device. Hmm

What’s a global device variable?

Global variables are variables that are available to every piston. You can set them to an initial value or set them in a piston (However, they are only set when that piston ends execution.) See the screen capture below. The Global Variables are located over on the right side top of the editing window, with an option to add new ones. (See the magenta arrow.) I also included what setting one to a phone device would look like.

I use a different method. I use Send SMS notification to send the notification to a particular phone number. That isn’t affected by a change in device ID.

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AH i see!
i didn’t realize you can set a physical device as a global variable, that makes a lot of sense!
As a tinkerer, i’m constantly flashing new ROMs to my phone. It’s super annoying having to re-link everything every time. You saved my life!