Duplicat hue lights in Alexa all

I’ve dealt with this issue a few times in the past but for some reason trying the usual 2 methods just aren’t working, I’ve tried going to the alexa website and forgetting all of them and rediscovering them and I’ve tried deleting one by one and another way I can’t remember but still no dice. Anyone have some suggestions?

If you have Alexa linked with both hue and SmartThings, and have the hue lights in SmartThings and exposed to Alexa from the SmartThings skill, then the Alexa Discovery will find them from both providers and you will have duplicates.

(If you have the classic SmartThings Alexa skill, you can choose which devices to expose from SmartThings, but I understand there is now a new SmartThings Alexa skill and it does not allow you to limit the devices exposed to Alexa from SmartThings)

Instead of deleting them, you have to disable the ones brought in by ST and leave the ones by Hue.