Duplicate Data Points from all sensors in new Smart Things App?

Hi all,
I’m having a bit of an odd issue with data readings from devices on my Smart Things hub (v1). In the new Smart Things App, for any sensor I click on, when I go to history I see that it is producing two duplicate data points every time it checks in. For example, if the Aeon Multisensor checks in at 2:15:01 with a reading of 82.2 degrees, it will also check in at 2:15:02 with a reading of 82.2 degrees. This is happening across all sensors on my account.

The confusing part is that if I look in the old Smart Things App, I see only one data point at each timestamp (the correct behavior). The issue seems to only arise in the “new” app.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing these duplicate data points? The fact that they are slightly delayed, and not at the exact same time, is puzzling to me. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.