Random MultiPurpose sensor showed up in my devices

Recently I switched out one of the SmartThings branded multis for an Aeon open/close sensor. I removed it from my setup and all was well. This morning I noticed a random"Multipurpose Sensor" showed up in my devices list. In the IDE I can see DeviceCreated at 2016-06-07 5:42:10.330 PM EDT. Except I didn’t create that.

Could this be a ghost device? All of my MultiPurpose devices are accounted for. But I’m leary if I remove this one if something will break?

Nevermind, I figured out what it is. It IS the old sensor. Weird thing is I just have it sitting on my desk. It was removed from ST and is not in any automations. So I wonder how it got added back into the mix.

I’ll have to re-delete it and pull the battery.