Dual dimmer to replace a two gang wall switch? (UK)

Hi there,

I’m based in the UK and am trying to add a SmartThings compatible switch or in wall dimmer to our kitchen.
Our kitchen has two sets of lights, controlled by a single light switch with two buttons.

It’s a two wire system as far as I can tell, but the key limitation seems to be finding a product that can dim two loads at once. Do you know of such a product?

So far I’ve found:


I’m going to assume you never solved this? This is my need and there doesn’t appear to be a single 2 gang Z-wave dimmer switch in the world. Only option seems to be 2 modules hidden away somewhere. :frowning:

Unfortunately not David, we ended up fitting on dimmer in the socket and
one hidden in the wall near the lights.

  • Pez