How to control two different Led downlight lamps with dimmer function?

(Navid) #1

Hi, I’ve been struggling with finding a proper solutation for my problem so i thought i put it out here to see if anyone is up for the challenge :smile:

In my living room, on one end of the long side i have 5 Led Downlights running on 5w and a driver connected to each lamp which has an input of 220v. (i live in sweden)

On the other long side of the living room i have exactly the same setup.

My problem is how can i have a different dimmer switch controlling each side of the living room.
I want 2 different Dimmer switch which i can control each wall.
But every single dimmer switch i can see is a single switch. So i can’t buy 2 and place them next to each other since inwall box is not big enough to install 2 dimmer boxes in one.

  1. So i though ok why not go with a z-wave Touch dimmer which has to buttons which control and dimmers each wall. that should fit the inwall right? well, not that easy it seems. i can’t seem to find any touch dimmer supported by smartthings. which runs on a 220v.

  2. So i thought alright well Fibaro dimmer 2 should fix all this. wrong again. If i install a fibaro dimmer 2 under a regular 2 dimmer switch. Sure i would be able to control the downligts separately on each wall, but how would the 2 dimmer switch and fibaro dimmer 2 be synced. For example if i dim down the lights to 50% with smartthings app, the dimmer wall switch won’t calibrate itself to 50%.

Hopefully some of you guys know any specific product or solution to this problem.
All help is better than nothing at this case!

(Mike Maxwell) #2

If your up for a little rewiring, you might be able to run the led’s directly from a Fibaro RGBW, it has has 4 led drivers in it, as well as 4 input triggers.
I don’t understand point #3, are you trying to connect a smart dimmer and a dumb dimmer to the same lights?

(Navid) #3

hi, thanks for the tip. but i don’t understand the point of using a Fibaro rgbw to dim the 5w led downlight instead of the fibaro dimmer 2.

point of #3 is to connect a fibaro dimmer 2 in to the wall box and connect the lights to it and the just use a regular dimmer switches (dumb as you call it) or just a regular switch which can turn on the lights, but then ill loose its dimmer function. and when i want to dimmer it i can dim it by using smartthings app or buy a amazon echo and connect it to smartthings and tell Alexa to dim it. but i won’t be able to dim it with the switch.

my problem is, i wish i could have two dimmer switches controlling the different lights… at the same time as i can control the dimming etc with smartthings app etc…