DSC(power864) Enviskalink 4 Rapberry 3B+ and Smartthings hub v2

Can anyone recommend one of these existing solution to make this work or is there a better one to be used?

Regards Johan

I’ve for LLXero which i think is the most recent and robust, but I haven’t tested the others so take it with a grain of salt. My advice is based on the extensive research I made before choosing LLXero like 18 months ago.

I ended up there. It’s simple to setup if you understand the terms and concept.

Specific reason why you @kebel871 chosed DSC -> EVL…?

I don’t remember the specifics but IIRC the general idea was that @Xero was more active and seemed more involved at the time. It might or might not be different now.

My setup is DSC1832 + EVL4 + rPi 3 + ST hubV2 so we basically are running the same setup.

While I’ll certainly won’t change anything since it’s been rock solid, I’ll be interested to know which way looks the more promising at this moment.

DSC -> EVL-3(4) -> Alarmserver -> Smartthings is the thead I followed BTW, it’s centered around LXXero github.

…And, if I might add, @rontalley helped me a lot at the time and he knows its stuff. So, basically, I’d follow his advice (which happen to be the same as mine).

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And the winner is… or my choice

Installed and working!

And thanks to @GT1za, @kebel871 and @rontalley !!!


Glad you got it up and going! Only had mine going a few days now, but been rock solid.

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