DSC Iotega alarm system

People have previously connected (older) DSC alarm systems to Smartthings by fitting an EVL-3 or EVL-4 module aka Envisalink as per DSC -> EVL-3(4) -> Alarmserver -> Smartthings

However this (new) thread is to discuss the newer DSC Iotega alarm system. See - http://www.dsc.com/iotega/

This new system has Z-Wave built-in as standard and also has Ethernet and WiFi built-in as standard. It should therefore in theory be easier to link to Smartthings as no extra hardware would be needed.

I could not find any existing discussions about this product so I am starting the ball running and asking if anyone has one of these systems and whether they have tried integrating it with Smarttings?

A related topic is that I have seen an article implying this DSC Iotega will be getting Apple HomeKit compatibility. See https://security.world/home-control-easier-than-ever-with-the-integration-of-the-iotega-security-and-automation-solution-and-apple-homekit/

Personally I think either someone has been very premature about announcing HomeKit support since there is nothing on either the Apple or Johnson Controls or DSC websites about this or they are completely mistaken, however if it were to happen this would be a huge bonus.

Security companies are not keen to opening their systems up to third-party integrations. The “legacy” DSC PowerSeries has been on the market for two decades, and it took a while for a third-party integration (Envisalink) to become available. For a new system like Iotega it may take even longer, considering that it uses encryption to communicate with the servers and is not designed to be modular or extendable in the first place. Z-Wave Plus is a faint hope here because (1) for security companies, home automation has always been a second thought and their Z-Wave integrations is typically limited to a handful of hand-picked devices and (2) SmartThings does not play nicely (to put in mildly) with other Z-Wave controllers on the same network.