Replacing DSC Alarm System

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I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post this.

I’m in a house built in 2003 and it has a DSC alarm system. There are lots of hard wired door and window sensors. I emailed DSC and they told me the RE-308 would bridge the existing 8 zones into wireless which would pair with their DSC Touch product. The Touch manual from their website doesn’t say a whole lot. It appears it can communicate with Z-Wave devices but not sure if it can do some of the things I need it to. ie. alarm goes off, turn lights on in kitchen, back and front yard - doorbell rings, flash lights in a few rooms.

I wanted to just go with the SmartThings route but really want to use the existing sensors to save $$. Any thoughts/advice here? Just buy the 2 DSC modules and get the alarm up to date then go with the SmartThings module to add some features later?

I should add that I’m ok with programming (mid-level) but don’t have a lot of time on my hands right now and I don’t want to pay a monthly monitoring fee. (ie. ADT,etc…)

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If you search the forums, you’ll find several community-developed integrations using Envisalink-3 adapter (over Ethernet) or IT-100 adapter (serial).