DSC Alarm, ADT, SmartThings and Konnected

Hi everyone so i’ve read that Konnected can replace the panel and interface with smartthings but i want to keep my DSC panel because i want to be monitored with ADT.
I currently use a AlarmDecoder Network Appliance to do this, it acts as a key panel. But recently their support have been lacking and the Smartapp upgrade i was attempting blew up and i have no integration with smartthings anymore.

Can i use Konnected as a keypad and retail my panel and monitoring service?

@heythisisnate can explain the current and planned features of Konnected.io and pros/cons of retaining existing monitored security panels.

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So I know konnected.io has just launched a service with noon for monitored alarms, however if you are outside of the US, or Noon’s service this doesnt help.

What you could use is a simple Rpi to act as the decoder. Its a cheap way to integrate and has been working perfectly for me for a while now.
You can see the thread here on how to do it: DSC -> EVL-3(4) -> Alarmserver -> Smartthings in case noon isnt an option for you (like it wasnt for me)

What @GT1za says is the best solution. I’ve been using it for more than one year. My monitoring is over the internet, having a tcp module installed. As per DSC however, EVL only allows one connection to it which will be used by Rpi. If your monitoring is done via phone dialing, you’re OK.