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Heading in right direction for DSC Impassa alarm integration?


Hi all,

I’ve been reading the forum trying to figure out the best way to take advantage of the DSC impassa system and sensors that are already in my home. Before I go buy all these things, I was wondering if I could find some confirmation that I’m going the right direction.

To get my existing sensors to work, I will need to get a new panel. I’m looking at the Honeywell lyric security panel for this. Then, to get the sensors to work with that panel, I’ll need a wireless translator. I’m looking at the resolution DSC to Honeywell translator for that.

It’s the next portion that I’m feeling a little confused by. Do I need an envisalink and pi to setup an alarmserver or is there an easier alternative?

Thanks for any suggestions!


Sorry, I’m confused. This forum is for people who are using the Samsung smartthings home automation platform. ( it’s a very active forum, so it tends to come up near the top of Google searches for general home automation topics, but it is specific to the Samsung platform and conversations take place in that context.)

So the first thing we need to ask you is which version of the Samsung smartthings hub you are using, as the features do vary somewhat. And of course which region you are in.

Then we need to ask what kind of integration you are expecting to get with SmartThings, as that will also affect the project design.


Oh sorry I didn’t make that clear. I’m using the v2 smart things hub and I’m in the Mid-Atlantic region.

I’m mostly looking to use the sensors to trigger basic functions like turn porch lights on if we open the front door after 8pm. I know it wouldn’t be an ideal security system, but I would like to use them to self monitor and get notifications if a door or window are opened while we’re out, too.


Got it. :sunglasses:

I think most people are now at least considering a new option developed by one of the community members here specifically to let you use existing wired sensors with SmartThings. I haven’t used it myself, but people seem to like it. It’s called Konnected.

And here is the original author’s thread where you can ask any questions and see what other community members have to say about it.


I have DSC PC1616 installed and added Envisalink to it. Then installed modified DSC server on my Synology NAS in a docker container and connected it to SmartThings. Works like a charm.


Yea, I saw that! I wish it would work for me, but that is for wired systems and the impassa is a self-contained unit. Everything I’ve found suggests you have to switch the control panel. I’m just not sure if what I have selected as the replacement is best and if what I’ve identified as the next steps are entirely correct.


Definitely wish we had just inherited a hard-wired system like that, but the impassa isn’t :frowning:

I constantly go back and forth between really wanting to figure out how to get it integrated and just buying a whole bunch of new sensors.

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Do you have a guide?


No, but it wasn’t too hard. DSC server is well documented - gotta follow its instructions carefully and configure it properly. What I didn’t want is to pollute Synology environment with python, on top of already installed java, nodejs etc (which I containerized and got rid of eventually). So I basically got a python docker container and moved DSC server in there - that’s the only difference from the origianl installation.