Dry contact powered via 12v

Hi, I’m looking for a 12v powered device that can close a dry contact upon command. I have a chicken coop door that supports a momentary switch to cycle the door that I would like to connect to SmartThings. Many devices I have found to fit this need need 120v AC. I’m looking for something 12v powered to fit the bill. Thanks!

Old thread, but the information is still good (this is a clickable link):

The closest thing I’ve found is the Qubino dry contact relay. Unfortunately it requires 24v DC for power. I’m assuming you are thinking of some solar power and battery. You may be able to just double up the batteries and solar panels and provide 24v. Maybe someone better at electronics could suggest some sort of voltage doubler.

Thanks both for the recommendations. I’ll report back when I have a working solution.

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