Is there a DC Powered Z-Wave Relay (dry contacts)

I have something I would like to automate, but I only have DC power available (12 or 5 VDC). I need a relay with dry contacts. In other words, the relay could be used for any application, AC or DC. I have found a couple that utilize Zigbee, but not Z-Wave. I think that my SmartThings V2 Hub can communicate with Zigbee but this device would be quite far from the hub, as it would be the only Zigbee my set up and it would have no Zigbee relays available to help it communicate. Anyone out there familiar with a DC Powered Z-Wave Relay.

Below is the Zigbee relay. I want something like this, but Z-Wave.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary, particularly for Z wave which uses different frequencies in different regions.

That said, see the community FAQ for devices which support dry contacts, and you should find something there:

FAQ: List of devices with dry contact input from external sources

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United States of America

In that case, you will find a number of candidates in the FAQ, but probably the most direct match to what you are describing is one of the Zooz relays. They have several different models with different options. Zooz is the house brand for the specialty retailer You can buy directly from them or from Amazon. :sunglasses: