Is there a smart switch/relay that gives a loop?

What I am after is a smart switch/relay that you can send a signal to at a certain time and then it turns on/provides a loop.
It could be mains or battery.

E.G. At 9pm send signal to switch which then closes a contact (provide a loop). It does not supply mains/battery voltage, just a loop.
I have had a rummage round but cannot find anything.
Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Did you just post on Hubitat community too? I was looking at both.
Are you in US or UK?

Yes. I thought I would get as wide an audience as possible. :wink:
I’m in the UK.

Yeh. I am USA. Usually @JDRoberts has better know how about UK HA devices.

what you’re looking for is sometimes called a dry contact relay. here’s one available in the UK.


Thanks @prjct92eh2
You put me on the right track with your first post.
The Fibaro will do the trick.


Just connect up to the switch and this will provide my loop.