Driveway monitor mimolite

I have a wireless monitor that has the ability to input a signal to the mimolite device and it works but the issue I have is the mimolite indicates on unless the page is refreshed in the SmartThings app. Now do I need a webcore program to correct this or am I making is there a setting I am missing. The end result is I want a message as soon as a vehicle enters my driveway.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you are trying to set up. What type of Wireless Monitor are you talking about? I assume that you mean this device can OUTPUT it’s signal to the mimolite device?

This is not right. You shouldn’t need to have the app opened or have to manually refresh. You just need to set the input as normally opened or normally closed. The mimolite will send the state to SmartThings each time the state changes for that input.


Yes you are correct my wireless device outputs a dry contacts to an input on my mimolite.

The mimolite should update on it’s own. But it might not change instantly on the app even if the status has changed in the ST cloud. I’ve seen delays of 30 seconds sometimes looking at the app.

I almost wonder if it is because the driveway sensor has a contact delay of 10 seconds and isn’t momentary.

What?!? You mean, you’re wondering why there’s a 10 second delay on something that has a 10 second delay!!! I mean COME ON!!!

And momentary doesn’t meant that. Switches are either momentary or latching. Momentary just means that it only stays on while it’s pushed. It doesn’t mean instant.

mine updates status with about a 4 second delay… i have it on a gate controller toopen close the gate… interestingly enough i lost status update today… even rebooting it … just opened or closed the gate and it never turned off. i had to physicially esclude and re-add the device to get it working again…

Sorry Ryan but my day job is commercial building automation so excuse my my ignorance with these cheap toys!