Dreamscreen Integration

Dreamscreen is one product that has pretty decent backlit TV capabilities. It now is using Wifi and in the future they will add some “Dream Connect” device but who knows when that will happen. For now you have to use the app on your phone to change HDMI input source and change other configurations.

I searched and didn’t really find anybody who did the integration with SmartThings however looks like it’s possible based on github and some python scripts running on a Raspberry Pi or similar:

Has anybody tried integrating this into a DTH? If not, I may give it a try using some of the work done already and maybe Flask to call out python scripts on a RASPI3 I got hanging around. Thoughts? Interest?

Probably no interest however got a semi working version of Smart Things integration for Dreamscreen which I’m cleaning up. If any interest, I’ll post in a new thread.


Did you ever get anything to work? Would love to be able to simply turn it on and off to a certain input at a certain time, instead of utilizing the dreamscreen application.

I got most of it working however it needs a bit of redesign since I believe it’s not very convenient except for people who use Webcore since most all the functions are custom inside the device handler for one dreamscreen device.

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Well. I am only looking for a simple timer and very basic functions for it, plus I do you webcore. If you’d ever consider sharing, I would surely be grateful. Thanks.

Wow… it’s amazing that you managed to connect it with smart things can you share with us we would really appreciated :slight_smile: