TV backlightning

Hello, so i am in the market for a backlight for my TV.
I have currently a dreamscreen (the original bluetooth one)

And i am kind of dissapointed by it, the lighning is not that great.

So i stumbled across Lightberry ( which is a raspberri pi powered LED strips.
Works the same but i believe its better and the LEDS should be brighter.
So my question is, seeing how its controllable by a RPI, i think theres a chance to make it work via smarthings?


I don’t have much experience with these, but currently it seems is suffering DNS issues and is inaccessible…might just be for me though. Anyone else having issues?

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Effectively, im unable to access the website.
If you want to see what it is you could look up some videos on youtube for now.
Also theres a dreamscreen DIY kit out there controllable by wifi. The possibilities…

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Just a quick update, i ordered myself the dreamscreen WIFI one.
As a canadian, i could not justify buying the lightberry due to customs (someone on reddit paid 80$ for customs)

The dreamscreen Comes with the wifi module and 2 "sidekicks"
Would be interesting if i can control it via smarthings later
Keep you guys posted

I have a dream screen and I’m quite happy with it…

I originally had it plugged into a WeMo outlet so I could control it via SmartThings/Alexa, but as a TV device this didn’t make a whole lot of sense (seeing that I used a remote for everything else).

I found a fairly cheap plug that toggles off & on with an IR command, and had programed my universal remote to allow me to use it.

With the addition of a harmony hub I was able to program it to turn the light off & on with the TV, and since the harmony hub does work with SmartThings it technically does integrate with it…


They make USB powered LED strips that are designed to be backlighting for TVs. I have one and it works great…turns on and off with the TV. Got mine from Amazon.

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Nice setup. Im actually thinking that with the wifi one, we would be able to switch modes/ intensity /etc… not just a on/off.
Think about it, changing to mood mode when tv is off based on weather…

I do not believe that there is a API for the it yet but seeing that its a android app, i believe i could try to implement some tasker stuff

Yep normal backlightning is simple. The one i was refering to was not just a simple on/off led, but rather a led strip that projects light color based on what you are watching.

Have a look into a device called H801 they are rgb controllers that you can flash new firmware onto that connects to anything to control any leds connected.
If you know your way around a pc it’s a piece of cake to flash I have done 2 now and have one behind my tv like you want and one under my kitchen cabinet.
Both are linked to routines

Does the H801 grab hdmi signal?
Advantages of lightberry and dreamscreen is that they are able to take the color around the border of your tv and emits it on the wall. Kinda swag and make a nice illusion of a bigger screen

Ah right missed that point just re read no it doesn’t do that.
Will that feature be in sync though ? I can imagine slight delays between the tv picture and the led colours.

Keep you posted, my unit hasn’t been shipped yet.
But if you are talking about the video grabbing feature … there’s barely any delay

just learned about dreamscreen and I am super excited. I have been searching for an ambilight sort of peripheral for a long time.

I am about to add some new recessed lighting to my living room and was thinking about installing RGBW sylvania smart+ lights in the two spots closest to the tv (and putting them on their own non dimming switch). It would be awesome if smartthings could read the LED color output from the dreamscreen and update those lights (quickly enough to be useful) like it does for the sidekicks.

Anyone working on such an integration?

Hey there, i got them recently
They are pretty cool. The app is wayyyy more responsive than the old bluetooth one

Overall pretty satisfied except that there was some issues with some hdmi cables
I haven’t got the time to play around with it but i was thinking of using a android device to handle the lights from the dreamscreen

However i do not think i am savvy enough to sniff whatever data from the dreamscreen to send it to smarthings

If anyone wanna use me as a test, plz pm me