Dragon tech pa-100 not recognized as Z-wave Plus

Hello all:

I’ve recently purchased a couple of the dragon tech pa-100 switched outlets. I understand these are supposed to be Z-Wave Plus but they don’t pair up as Z-Wave Plus devices and when I manually go into the developer portal and edit the device, I don’t see a Z-Wave Plus switched outlet device type to select. Am I overlooking it? Is it still in the works?

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You shouldn’t need to do anything special. Our Device Type Handler for “Z-Wave Switch” works with both regular Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus products.

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I just added one a moment ago. Went smoothly. Just followed the directions. Plugged in the PA100, used the ST app to search for new devices, then tapped the button on the PA-100 once. Within a few seconds the ST app saw it as a Z-Wave Switch. Renamed it and now it’s just another device in the config.

I use some of these to toggle power to some devices that seem to get hung up now and then. A couple of Qi wireless chargers seem to forget how to do their thing if they haven’t been power-cycled every couple of weeks. No matter, now they’re in a Smart Lighting setting (in the Smart App tab). It’s set up to power off at 12pm and then back on at 12:01pm.

My only complaint is the indicator light on the PA100 illuminates itself when the circuit is powered OFF. Seems kind of backwards, but I guess they’re angling for lighting up the indicator so you can SEE it to manually power it back on again. Dumb, I know, but whatever.

Many pocket sockets use the same firmware as the light switch, and most zwave light switches by default have the LED indicator light come on when the light is off. They have this idea that it will help you find the switch in the dark.

Some brands have this as a configurable parameter, you can check your user guide.