Can't figure out why my Dragon Tech plug won't run local

I have a Dragon Tech Plug running the standard DTH that was found when it paired. It is Z-Wave Plus, but it won’t run local. Is that because it is a generic Z-Wave Plus driver?

ANSWERED my own question, I hate trying to get into the IDE as it doesn’t load all the time, but I switched the DTH from Generic to Z-Wave and it works local now.

I wonder now would Z-Wave Switch Secure would work, as it is a Z-wave Plus Plug.

You can add the Dragon Tech smart Plug when used with Z-Wave switch. Works perfectly.

It’s the device type handler that runs locally. Not the individual device. There are many different devices that can use the same device type handler, so that FAQ lists the DTHs. Not the Devices. :sunglasses:

I stand corrected, when I viewed the names are thought they were the devices. The problem is I knew that in the back of my head. Any idea if the Z-Wave switch secure would work with the Z-Wave Plus dragon tech? I guess I can try.