Routines broken.. again 11/10

I saw there was an infrastructure update between 3am and 4am Eastern, so I don’t think this is related…

Last night, my Arrive Home routine didn’t trigger, my lights didn’t turn on.

This morning, my “Good morning” routine didn’t trigger (supposed to happen at sunrise).

My Alarm didn’t disarm itself.

I’ve tried about a dozen times to “disarm” the security manually… and, it’s just STUCK on ARMED.

This is the third time in two months that we’ve had these glitches. What gives?

This is related to the migration that happened in NA01 the other day. It should have been resolve, let me know if you are still unable to run routines.


Yes, I really appreciated the test of my sirens just now, when I opened my deck door and the security wasn’t disarmed :wink:

Unfortunately, a known issue. Being discussed here:

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same here… hope its all back to normal tonight…