Door/temp sensor as a "thermostat"?

Re-authorized, and I can see them :slight_smile: Gerat. Thank you, MT

Which temperature sensor are you using? I can help with the code knowing that. The brand of temperature sensor doesn’t matter too much, but if I know which one you’re using then I can help with the code.

Actually I have Fibaro sensors conected to Fibaro HC2. I use ST for kind of Google Home bridge, cos Fibaro does not have full integration. In ST I created virtual tem devices (used Raspberry Pi handler) and WebCore to pull current temps from Fibaro, then I parse the JSON and update the virtual devices (temps) on ST side… Now I have them showed in GH so that I can ask what the temp in in individual room :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nhaley @tampiss 'm using smartthings multisensors and motion sensors. I want my google home to be able to see their temperatures so that i can say 'ok google, whats the temperature in the shed/ front door etc ’

How would i do this?

Are you comfortable altering the handler code? If so, it’s as simple as adding “capability: “thermostat”” to the device handler code.

Let me know if you need more help!

I can try - but how do i get to the dth code for a smartthings sensor which is baked in, rather than code I’ve added myself?

Try this - works that way with Alexa and Google, once you attach this “thermostat” to a temp sensor, you can ask Alexa for the temperature. I tested this with the Google AIY kit, but should work the same on other devices.

Here’s a link to all of ST’s built in DTH:

Here’s the one you want:

See where it has all the capabilities listed? Add: capability “thermostat” to that list. Enjoy!

So do i need to essentially use the code from the existing dth (with this edit) and add as a seperate dth?

You got it, call it “advanced multi-sensor” or something.

Just so you’re not surprised, Google says “the XX is off and it’s XX degrees.” I don’t think there’s a way to get it to skip the “XX is off” bit.

Just got this error when i tried to save it Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: 9391dde0-5eb8-4929-9a30-9e42e0235a4c

Hmm…Let me find my code and paste it. I think that link to the code has been updated since I used it.

Well, this doesn’t seem to be working :confused:

Here, I found my github link:

Thanks so much. I ended up using the ‘from template’ function within the ‘create a dth section’.

I now have another question…

How can make my google home recognise whether my doors are open or closed ? ie. i want to be able to say 'ok google, is the back door closed? ’ and it tell me ‘the back door is open/closed’ accordingly

I’d love to hear if there were an answer to this :slight_smile:

Also, now I’ve made that change to the DTH when i ask google what the temperature is in a room with a motion sensor it says ’ the temperature is X and the sensor is off. ’

the ‘is off’ bit doesnt seem to be affected by whether or not it is sensing motion.

Any idea how i stop it saying this?

Thanks. Wouldnt that then appear as a seperate entry in my things list in the app? Trying to avoid cluttering my things list so would rather avoid creating a virtual device

Yeah but to me this is better. I can go to that room and get a glance at everything without having to drill down on anything. Pretty cool.

I have over 200 devices so I use the Rooms Tab often.


This sure beats buying more Ecobee Remote Sensors just to get temp readings from Alexa. It works great!