Xiaomi temperature sensor and Google home?

So how do u get Google home to announce the temperature an or the humidity off the sensor? I hear you have too modify device handler to thermostat butt how would one Doo that?


Hi @Anthony_Cafazzo ,

As I did this exact setup earlier today, I’ll share my findings here. This is based on other threads in this forum, but I’ll do it easy for you (and anyone swinging by your thread).

Steps (assuming that your Xiaomi devices already works with SmartThings):

  1. Login to the SmartThings IDE
  2. Go to “My Device Handlers” and identify your Device Handler for your Xiaomi sensor (e.g. “bspranger : Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor”)
  3. Open/Edit the Device Handler identified in the step above and add the following line below the last capability line

capability “Thermostat”


capability “Temperature Measurement”
capability “Relative Humidity Measurement”
capability “Sensor”
capability “Battery”
capability “Health Check”
capability "Thermostat"

  1. Click Save and then Publish (To Me)
  2. Sync your linked devices connected to your Google Home account. The easiest way to this is simply telling your Google Home / Assistant to “sync my devices”

Hi google, sync my devices

  1. Your temperature/humidity sensor will now display as a thermostat device in your Google Home app and you should be able to ask for the temperature/humidity reading in the assigned room


Hi google, what’s the temperature in the living room
The Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor is off and it’s currently 23 degrees.

Hi google, what’s the humidity in the living room
The Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor has a current humidity reading of 43%.

NB: It may take a few minutes before the thermostat is displayed correctly in your Google Home app.
NB2: When asking for the temperature, Google will tell you that the sensor (“thermostat”) is off. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to remove this behavior (As far as I know).


Thanks this worked perfectly

I am from Italy…i use HUB V3 the “Thermostat” trick works but no way to have response for
the humidity (in Italian language of course)…any suggestion???



Is it possible to make google home stop say " is turned off" .

today it says the temperature, and that the device is off

Google Home actually works fine with the temperature sensors without adding ‘Thermostat’ to the device driver and will say ‘The is currently degrees.’

I believe using ‘Thermostat’ makes Google Home report the relative humidity for some reason, even though the Relative Humidity capability is completely separate to Thermostat and not one the Google smartapp claims to work with.

So if you don’t care about humidity leave the device handler alone and it should work.

Thank you for the reply.

What command can I use without the “thermostat” line?

I’ve tried alot but it’s always unavailable

I just say things like ‘what is the temperature on the bedroom sensor?’ or ‘what is the temperature in the bedroom?’ or ‘what’s the bedroom sensor say?’ and it responds ‘the bedroom sensor is currently 20.3 degrees’.

i try to do this in Norwegian.
When i add the line, it works right away.

But when i remove the line, and use the same sentence it dosnt work.

I say, " hey google, whats the temperature in living room" , or whats the temperature in bedroom.

i havent tried the word “sensor” so i will try this.

In my case ‘Bedroom Sensor’ is what I called the Aqara temperature sensor. All my Temperature Measurement devices respond in the same way.

It may simply be that temperature sensors aren’t supported for you yet. In the UK the Google Home lags so far behind the US that I hadn’t considered the possibility of others being even further behind.

Also in Italian language seems not working…only with the “Thermostat” line is ok, but no humidity reading at all

hehe, yeah. we are problably way behind in functionality! we dont even have routines yet.

Can anybody tell me if i need to buy xiaomi gateway to make it work with google home ? Or can i buy only the temprature meters

I would also like to know what hardware do i need to get the temp from google home?
I today only have the Xiaomi temp/humidity sensor.

Im pretty hungry on stuff like this but also a newbie :slight_smile: