Temperature sensor that works with Alexa?

Does anyone know of an Alexa/Echo compatible device that will give Alexa a temperature reading? I would like to as Alexa what the temperature is in my room, but I am renter and no way is the landlord going to install a smart thermostat. So my thought is there must some wireless temperature gauge, sensor, or thermometer that could interact with Alexa. But have not found one yet.

Any input appreciated. Obviously some very “smart” folks in this community.


I seem to remember that netatmo would do this.Check to see if there is a skill by this name.

Thanks Kev - and yes, I see there is a Netatmo device, but it does a bunch of other stuff besides temperature and so it is quite pricey (or I could be cheap :grinning:).


An Smartthings compatible thermostat will allow Alexa to natively tell you its temperature. It doesn’t have to be connected to HVAC. I suggest a Wifi Tstat but seems like any should work. (OOPS MAY NOT WORK for providing current temp, but refer to actual thorough testing by this guy:

My own testing seemed to indicate it was only telling me the setpoint, while I was breathing on it to make a noticeable difference from setpoint. But I got bored and fell asleep.

FYI depending on which Wifi Tstat, may provide the manufacturer phone or web app that will show actual temperature.

you offer to install it, maybe he would roll over. You move, then leave it behind and get something better. The convenience of voice adjustment is good.

Thanks! Did not realize that. And the price is quite reasonable. Come to think of it, I should take a closer look at the existing thermostat to see what it can do.

I was thinking of something small and portable like the Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature Sensor Beacon. But so far nothing in that size seems Alexa-ble.


It’s interesting. I don’t care about the number on the ‘dial’; I care that we are comfortable.
Some days, 68 is fine; other days 70 works. Wife likes it warmer than that usually.

In our case the thermostat is in the center of the house. That happens to be a hallway. Would move it, but no other location works really. In any event, it does not quite represent the temps “where we live”.

Another reason why I like the Ecobee so much! I never even really thought about this question as I have 8 remote sensors and 2 Ecobee Therms that all report temperature to Alexa. However, I didn’t know this when I purchased them. :rofl:

Why isn’t there more temp sensor that have Alexa Skills?

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I haven’t tried it but I really like the Iris door temperature sensor and use it as an extra sensor for my ecobee which through SmartThings I can bring into Alexa. I have never asked Alexa however what the temperature is on the iris.

A little confused here. What are you bringing into Alexa?

I wonder if it is possible to modify the custom DTH of the Xiaomi Aqara temp sensor so that it “looks” enough like a thermostat to ST that it will also work with the Alexa skill.


there are status-reporting apps with which I am not very familiar. Look at this and other apps by the author of “Ask Alexa” or “Alexa Helper” smartapps. I think it requires no DTH modification but installation is a little complicated. Thermostat is quicker (OOPS MAY NOT WORK for providing current temp, but refer to actual thorough testing by this guy:

My own testing seemed to indicate it was only telling me the setpoint, while I was breathing on it to make a noticeable difference from setpoint. But I got bored and fell asleep.

Yeah, I know those options are available, but they require some significant effort to implement. I was just thinking that if we could make a temp sensor appear to have the required capabilities of a thermostat via the DTH code (or something along that line of thought), perhaps that would be enough to make the out-of-box ST/Alexa skill report the temperature reading of the sensor. It’s much easier to install a DTH.

A lot of useful info here, thanks a bunch.The current landscape seems to be that it is fairly easy to get Alexa to talk to “hubs” or devices that have their own apps. For example, I plug a floor fan into a smart socket from TPLink, It hops on my network and I install their Kasa app on my iPhone. Then I use the Alexa app on my phone to interact with the Kasa app. So I tell Alexa to turn on my fan, but it is Kasa that does the turning on.

Apparently I can get a smart thermostat that comes with an app, and then link that app to Alexa and I can ask Alexa the room temperature.

Right now there do not appear to be sensor devices that will hop onto my network and talk to Alexa directly.

But this may be possible with some extra coding and a “helper” app.

If this view of the landscape is correct I am wondering if this means plug-n-play “Alexa ready” sensors are coming soon, or is Amazon holding back for fear of undercutting the hub-based ecosystems like SmartThings.

Again, thanks for great input…Stephen

I actually have installed an ST smartapp and DTH that lets me control my TPLink devices via SmartThings. So when I tell Alexa to control my TPLink device, she uses the SmartThings Alexa Skill to tell ST to control the device. I don’t use the Kasa Alexa Skill.

I have a Sensi wifi thermostat that has it’s own app and Alexa skill. However, their Alexa skill did not work when I asked Alexa to tell me the current temperature. It all depends on the Alexa skill created by the manufacturer.

So instead of using the Sensi Alexa Skill, I found an ST smartapp and DTH that allows me to control my Sensi thermostat with ST instead of using the Sensi phone app. (Very similar to what I did with TPLink and Kasa.) So once I could control my thermostat with ST, this meant I could use the Smartthings Alexa skill…and the Smartthings Alexa skill supports reporting the current temperature when you ask.

Now these two examples (TPLink, Sensi) are not typical. They were made possible by people in the community who developed ST smartapps and DTHs to let ST control those cloud based solutions. The more straight forward approach would be to use a device that is ST compatible out of the box. So if you purchased an ST compatible thermostat, you would control it directly via Smartthings, and it would report the current temperature via the Smartthings Alexa skill.

Very helpful, thanks!

try this : www.tempochef.com if you just want a simple check, this can be an economic way to use it.

I just got two Sonoff TH16 units with Temp/Humidity sensors. This is a very low cost device that you put inline with your appliance. It can be triggered by a standard schedule, or how I use it is by temperature.

I set:
Above 72 - Turn on basic Window Air conditioner
below 72 - Turn off basic Window Air conditioner

That unit can handle up to 16amps, but if you just want to run a simple fan or other device, you can go with the lower end TH10 and save some money.

$16 TH16 Wifi smart switch
$14 TH10 Wifi smart switch
$10 Si7021 Temp/Humidity Sensor
$9 DS18B20 Temp only sensor

I don’t know the price on this, but if you have an AC unit that uses IR remote control, then this unit can give you much more control. Alexa voice integration to IR remote control. But it probably costs alot more:

This thermometer can works with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant.

Being that the OP asked for temp sensors that work with Alexa, and didn’t get much of an answer on that topic, I’m going to ask the same question in this thread.

I have a handful of ST multisensors that only report contact to Alexa. Is there any way to tell Alexa these are temp sensors instead?

That’s strange. My ST multi sensors allow me to ask Alexa the temperature. I’ve tried the old and new versions as well as well as old and new motion sensors as well.

The only thing that doesn’t work are pure temperature only devices. For example, I made my own pool water sensor using Tasmota and a Node MCU and I had to add fake contact sensor to get it to show up in Alexa. Then I could ask her the temperature.